GXV3350 Reboots after applying BLF key


Everytime I set a BLF key via GDMS on GXV3350 and hit save and apply, it reboots the phone. I do this under applications, programmable keys and set the BLF there. Lastest firmware applied. Anyone else have this issue?If I log into the phone gui and set BLF it does not reboot.


That’s a known issue since GXV3370. The system requires a reboot when provisioning MPKs via a config file. It does the same on 3CX.


Oh ok cool. Didn’t see anything in forum. Thanks.


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! When the MPK configuration is pushed into the device, since the P values of the MPKs include rebooting mark, so the device will reboot to take the updated MPKs effective once the P values of the MPKs are updated in the device.

Thank you!