GXV3350 - Losing Network Connectivity


I’ve been experiencing a strange issue with multiple GXV3350 phones…

The phones will randomly loose network connectivity. Account registration on the screen turns grey, the network icon in the status bar is dimmed like there’s no connectivity, and there’s no network access on the phone.

Rebooting the phone doesn’t work. After a reboot, the phone still comes up disconnected. This includes rebooting by pulling the network cable (powered via PoE) and disabling/re-enabling PoE via switch.

The only way I’ve been able to get the phone back online is to disable and re-enable the switch port that the phone is plugged into while the phone is still physically connected to the network. If the phone is disconnected from the network and I try to disable and re-enable the port, it still won’t come back online. It needs to be plugged in and have the switch port disabled and re-enabled to start working.

I don’t know why this is, and I have no idea why physically rebooting the phone doesn’t resolve the problem… it’s just very strange.

Anyone else run into issues like this?

Phones are running the current firmware Powered via PoE. Has happened to multiple phones connected to different switches.


I have one on my desk but have not run into this problem.


I have a GXV3350 as well, tried both Wi-Fi and PoE for a while and neither did that. It’s actually one of the most stable Android phones Grandstream ever did.


YES, i am having intermittent connectivity issues on this model phone, 2 out of 5 phones i just installed at a school are doing this - but ive not messed with the switch, instead i resolved by moving phones around from one cable to another (effectively moving to a different port on the switch) and that has resolved my problem - and like you already pointed out, rebooting the phone does not bring connectivity back, messing with the NIC appears to though. Have you found a solution in the past month since you posted this?


I have not found a resolution to this. I suggest creating a ticket, you can reference mine if needed. Ticket 20200731085156. Please update if you come up with anything.


i found the solution. I was using GDMS to provision the phones to my server, GDMS appeared to work so well and was so fast and responsive, however, it created an unreliable registration environment. I took a few days and wrote my own provisioning template to my server directly and then provisioned the phones directly to my server and turned off GDMS and instantly all my problems are gone and the phones are solid reliable. Seems the issue was with GDMS provisioning or an interoperability issue between GDMS and my PBX.