GXV3350 Gui Customization, and Zero Config


Hi Guys,

Is there a way to upload the customized GUI file for the GXV3350 through Zeroconfig?

I have a UCM6301 and I tried putting it where the firmware goes in global policy, but it only accepts BIN files…

Anyone know how to do this or is it even possible?



Use GDMS. ZeroConfig doesn’t have any field, even in the model template. You would need to get the Pcode for that option from the config templates.

GDMS is easier and works well with a UCM63xx.


Okay thanks, that was my next thing to try. I use both zero config and gdms for different situations, sometimes I like that the system is more standalone and doesn’t require outside provisioning. Mostly use GDMS for Remote Sets.

As for zero config, even with the pcode, is it even possible to store the gui custom file on the ucm?