GXV3350 Firmware WebGUI 802.1X Private Key Format Error


With firmware, when I try to load the client 802.1X private key in the web GUI, it refuses to accept the key and reports a format error. But the format is correct: encrypted private key created by openssl in base64 format. (tested with another PC using the same credentials against the same RADIUS).

(Partly) funnywise it does accept the client certificate (*crt, in ASN.1) as the “private key”, which is just plain wrong.

The problem has newly occurred with firmware for this phone, with the older firmware at least the loading of the 802.1X certificates and keys did work (we have not changed the way the certificates and keys are generated, all by openssl, as part of the Freeradius 3.0 certs part).

My assumption: In the webgui the checks for the different formats got mixed up in firmware

We cannot go back to, as that version has severe openssl problems with prevent 802.1X working.