Gxv3350 can't register to local UCM


El teléfono no se está registrando con UCM6202 a través de la LAN.

fw gxv3350=
fw ucm6202=

Adjunto capturas.20200525111630.zip (10.8 KB)


need scenario, details and information.
(the title is also wrong)


Look, the gxp3350 are not doing the job of register to the ucm6202 using private ip of ucm, but when I try register using the public ip of ucm that’s work fine


Are the two in the same LAN or a routed VLAN?


The same LAN


What ip is public and which one is local ?
As i see from log GXV have 192.168.1.x address while by default LAN have 192.168.2.x network.


If you see the LAN IP is or 3. The GXV never try to register with the UCM on IP


If you look at the pcap flows, there are no SIP flows.

The GXV is sending a number of CDP queries. I also see TCP traffic between and what appears to be the GXV.

What is the network mode of the UCM - switch, dual, route?


Switch mode Mr.


UCM IP ? This log is clean, not much we get from that.


the log is clean because the gxv are not trying to register over the lan


this case is been analized by the oficial grandstream support


So, is that the only device? Normally, I would expect to see traffic from the UCM as you indicated it was on the same LAN. I have a 3350 and have no issue with connectivity.

In the trace you sent, there was no traffic of any type/kind involving


My friend, what is the version of HW and FW of your GXV3350?


Sorry for the delay -


image in this first picture you see what the HW and FW are the same.

in this second picture you can see the SIP conf what work fine for me at this time with the LAN IP of my UCM but with the port indicated textually

In the next try, i deactivate the account by the check box and re activate, with this i see what the extensión dont try to register into the UCM but if i do a change in the text box of SIP SERVER and save and apply then the extension register ok.
At this time i think what the template of web gui or the register in the flash of this model is an bouncing register then this need multiple sets to be ok. Mys two units of GXV are online now and resgistered, now i gonne check in 9 hours more if the register are stilling be ok.


this picture show how the GXV first try to register in the IP, then when i clean and set the text box of the SIP SERVER and re entry the SIP account password, then the unit goes to try to register with the correct IP of UCM. I donwnload the config.txt file from this unit but i dont see in any saide that ip 172…


i think this ip 172… is inherated for the kernel


Check next page (SIP settings) if register is marked.


Finally i detect the root of trouble, the register of the accounts are volatile, for my fist GXV3350 i use the oocunt 1 with no problems and for my second GXV3350 unit i use the Second Account with the first deactivated.

looking the config file i see the IP of UCM apunted on P22106 P47 on the first GXV3350

P402 P47 P22106 for the second GXV3350

And the order of register are not the same in the two files

now i gonne sleep Chau!