GXV3275 NO Android Upgrade avaliable?


Android V4.2.2 is OUT OF DATE!
Using GXV3275 as IP phone with Mobotix doorstation and want to install MxBell as App BUT NEEDS Android V5.0 or higher!


Wait a few weeks and upgrade to the GXV3380 or the already-out GXV3370. The former is based on Android 8.0 (I think, @grandstream please confirm) and the later is on Android 7.0.

The GXV3275 is EOL as is the GXV3240. The hardware is too slow to support newer versions of Android so they won’t be upgraded.

The newer GXV3380 is supposed to be powerful enough to be upgradeable in the future.


Have 3 IP phones 3275 running and 2 in Stock! Too mutch cost for changing all to newer ones!
Saw that 3370 has same housing!? Possible to change hardware inside only ?


Nope you can’t.