Gxv3275 gui customization



I have followed the gui customization guide guide as best as I can trying all variations of file name but I can not seem to get the phone to take the customised GUI from a tftp server. I am sure the server works as I have used the same server to input the phonebook.xml.

The phone is the latest firmware, the manual says save as GXV3275cust, the software saved it as gxv3275cust.zip

So I have put on the server GXV3275cust, gxv3275cust, GXV3275cust.zip, gxv3275cust.zip qnd I even unzipped the file.

But I can not get it to take the config consistently

I have managed it twice out of about 50 it seems totally inconsistent. I am learning how to configure the GUI how I want it but this step is making the process so much harder.

Does anyone have any tips?

I think I know how to get the design I want now but just need it to take it on the phone.

Do I need to default it each time?

Kind Regards