Gxv3275 google contacts are often not shown correct


i have my contacts stored in google and sync this account in the gxv3275 (browser, calender and contacts)

if i open contacts on the gxv3275 than often (not always) the type of the telephone number is shown wrong, it has to be like “private” or “mobile” or a user-defined name. but most there is exact the same telephone number displayed as in the field that containes the number.

if i open the contacts in google or in my mobile-phone than it is shown correct there.

i´ve fw installed
amazing, any suggestions? thanks in advance


this was reported in 2015 already, but i can´t find a solution:


For me it seems, that Grandstream is no longer interested in Android phones…
There is no support!


dear grandstream team,
is that really true? no support for android phones?
i think this is a amazing phone, just with some bugs that would be great if removed. i like that phone and hope you continue supporting it!


Grandstream still support the Android phones; in fact it just released a new one - the GXV3370.

The forums are mostly supported by volunteers who sell, install and support Grandstream products. While you do get some Grandstream staff responding (their user names start with GS.) there is no dedicated support for products outside of beta testing that I have seen.

Grandstream’s primary support mechanism is their helpdesk - https://helpdesk.grandstream.com.

I hope this clarifies matters.