GXV3240 - says missed call, even though another GXV on the same group has already answered the incoming call



I have a total of 7 GXV3240’s installed in a client’s office. Whenever there is an incoming call, all 7 of them would ring because they are all in the same ring group.

The problem - a GXV would display MISSED CALL although the incoming call had already been answered by another GXV. As a result, the least-used GXV may show something like 54 MISSED CALLS every 2 or 3 days.

It is a minor issue but also one that is confusing and driving the client nuts (and by extension, me). I asked support if there is any way to configure the GXV’s to solve this issue - his response is upgrade the GXV to the latest firmware. I am using firmware V10.0.3.30.

Could any other user here be able to verify that upgrading the firmware would work? I would not want to waste my time and my client’s time - going to his place to upgrade all the phones and then find that it does not solve the issue.


I looked at the release notes, but found no reference to the issue. However, you are on a firmware from 2105, so I tend to think that while there is no mention, it may be worth your while to upgrade a single phone and check. If nothing else, there are bound to be some fixes and enhancements that have come up since that make an upgrade worthwhile.