GXV3240 logo UCM6501


Hi we have GXP2130,GXP2140 and several GXV3240 I already uploaded the 4 different logo sizes UCM6501 allows me to upload all GXP2130 & GXP2140 have been updated with the new company logo but GXV3240 have not.
How or what do I need to do, to push the logo (wallpaper) to this phones?

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Use a CUST file.

Guide : http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/gxv3240_gui_customization_guide.pdf

Tool : http://www.grandstream.com/tools/gui_customization_tool_v3.9.0.zip


Hi, thank you for your reply. I have created the gxv3240cust file, I saved the file in my computer in this location
C:\Users\fcordova\Documents\GrandStream\Logos para telefonia\Logos Para Telefonia.
But I dont know how to perform this steps (I have never work with phones so everything is new for me):
4. Put the generated custom file “gxv3240cust” on your HTTP/TFTP/HTTPS server.
5. Point the phone’s configuration file path to the directory on the server where the custom file

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If you never done this, I suggest you start reading a few tutorial on HTTP servers and Grandstream provisioning.

Normally, you would either use the UCM built-in server (you have to set the Pcode manually with the path for the Cust file since it’s not included, see the config templates for the right Pcode), or use an independent Web server (like Apache or Nginx) to serve the file from your PC. You’ll need to configure the vhost or put the files under the webroot).

A quick Google search of “how to setup apache on windows” will give you plenty of tutorials.


thank you I will do that

have a nice day