GXV3240 Internet access issues, won't open youtube, weather apps, HTTPS RSS feeds and so on


Hello, recently I switched my old 2200 to bit newer GXV3240 but I have the same issue it won’t connect to websites, it says there are security issues. Moreover, it won’t pull city name or anything for the weather widget. It will load some google stuff, works great with email, but not youtube. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue? Is it the phone, my UCM6200 settings or a router. Any ideas or suggestions PLMK


What exactly the gxv displays?
Is the time of the unit set correctly?


The weather service function has been disabled on the Grandstream servers so that it will not update and show you the weather.


Sorry for late reply, the message I get in the browser is "Couldn’t establish a secure connection
" Also when it comes to weather app someone suggested to download a old version for android 4.0 and guess what works perfectly. If you go to google.com it will open etc no issues but once you pick a different website (link) you get the secure connection error message.


What about the time and date in the unit? are they correct?

Have you tried with other browsers?
have you tried to access a website that uses HTTP?
Here is a list of HTTP websites

If you still have the issue you need to open a ticket