GXV can't video calling directly


I have a problem with my GXV3350 (with the last firmware, i can doing an audio call, and during the calling, i can start the video.
But i can’t directly start a video call, when i compose a phone number and start the the call by video there is no effect, the call say “no response”
I have the same problem with a GXV3275.

My IPBX is a Freepbx (last version)

Someone have a solution please ?

THank you by advance for your response.



Ensure the following codecs are supported on the FreePBX and for the extensions used.

Video Codecs and Capabilities H.264 BP/MP/HP, video resolution up to 720p, frame rate up to 30 fps, bit rate up to 2Mbps,
3-way video conference (720p@30fps), anti-flickering, auto focus and auto exposure


I have the same problem on GXV3275 but only on a remote videophone in VPN, with local videophone this problem does not arise.
Are yours all on Local Class?


I have contacted the support, this is the response:

Access GXV3350 web page
Account/SIP Settings=> Set these headers to NO: Use Privacy Header, Use P-Preferred-Identity Header, Use P-Access-Network-Info Header, Use P-Emergency-Info Header

This work for the GXV3275 but not yet for the GXV3350.

All phones pass througt a VPN


Exactly, remote as I imagined
You need to add the remote ip class in VPN over NAT on FreePbx

moreover, 3 of the 4 parameters listed above by default are already set to NO


This work fine when i uncheck “enable BFCP” and “Initial INVITE Media Info”
and setup H.264 Profile Type ti “Baseline Profile” in codec setting.


sorry but you confuse me:

  • Disable BFCP = 1?
  • there is no “Initial INVITE Media Info” parameter in the GXV template
  • “Baseline Profile” in codec setting "what do you mean?