GXV 3610 FHD v2 - rtsp



We have some GXV3610 FHD v2 cameras.
They are currently on firmware
The http url is working fine.
What is the rtsp URL for these? I can not see any settings for rtsp in the config anywhere.
Do these camera allow admin parameters to be entred via the URL?
Am I able to set resolution / frame rates via the URL? Thanks.


I have updated the firmware to, but rtsp still does not seem to be working.


I think you search this file :slight_smile:
Somehow it is brochures :rofl:


Thanks for this.
It mentions setting for the other options.
But on page 52 it refers to RTSP - but says - For GXV3500 Only.
I am able to get the setting working for other options now, via http, but not able to get RTSP.
Does anyone have any experience with these devices and RTSP?


AFAIR i was able to get stream via VLC
Something like this:


Thanks for your help on this. From this document I have been able to use the http api and view streams / edit settings. Unfortunately I have still not been able to get the RTSP working at all with this device.

I have tried vlc and mplayer, and have used a command just like you show (of course changing the IP address, username and password). But I am not able to get this working with the GXV 3610 FHD v2 devices.

vlc rstp://admin:admin@

If anyone has successfully done this I would be interested to hear how, so I know if I am doing this wrong, or if it is not supported / or a bug.


One more:
Set MJPEG as BASIC not challenge.


My screen has a different set of options…


Sorry wrong device :slight_smile:

If all viewer then just


Unfortunately this does not seem to work.


Try upgrade camera, i have no problem to access.
I try 3674 FHD but that same fw.


What do you mean upgrade the camera? I have updated the firmware to


3.21 have different web look. It is dark blue not as you posted earlier bright blue.
Try refreshing browser ?



I have opened the page again - it is running 3.21, but still shows the light blue.


Totally different look :slight_smile:
Anyway Here you have access. You can create new login/pass or allow Anonymous.

rtsp://login:pass@IP is what wotk for me perfectly via VLC.


Unfortunately this does not seem to work on my device (GXV 3610 FHD v2). Which brings me back to the original question, is it possible to use a rtsp connection on these devices?


YES, GXV3674 share same soft.
You can try contact GS directly:


In case anyone else is looking for this information, I received several answers from the helpdesk.
The last one worked, with the latest version of vlc for windows - Oct 2018. (I didn’t record the version sorry.)
It did not work with older verisons of vlc on my linux/openbsd machine.