GXV 3370 Default Phone App no ringtone




When I select my app as Default Phone app, there is no Ringtone when I call or when I am being called.

I can make calls, hangup, answer, but if the user cannot hear any ringtone when he is being called, there is no need to use my app as default phone app.

I suspect the system Phone app to still take control of the stream since when I try to play my own media file there is no sound coming out of the speaker or handset during the RINGING or CALLING state.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I thank you in advance!


which app do you speak?



It can be 3370 fault or wrong setting app.


My own app based on the SDK of the 3370. The ApiDemo app contained in the SDK has the same problem.

I’ve contacted Granstream support and the SDK team has been notified of the problem.


I also use my own App based on 3370’s API and I have the same problems.

My application is set as Default app, I switched ON the setting “Always ring speaker” (as in GXV3370 Switch to Headset quiery), I use firmware number

Please help to fix this.


The answer from my ticket:
The issue has been reported but it is not confirmed yet as a bug to fix since many customers have it working with SDK.”.

I will get back to them with this forum post so they know I’m not alone


Can you share/PM the ticket with me and we will see how it goes? Thank you.


I’m not sure how to share a ticket.

Here is the Ticket #: 20190111111105.

If you need anything else please tell.

Thank you