GXV-3370 and Sennheiser Bluetooth


I am trying to use a bluetooth Sennheiser/ Epos MB Pro 1 with the GXV3370 phone
The phone and the headset both have the latest firmware available as of today.

I am able to get the headset paired with the GXV, but it does not appear as an option when selecting a ‘media channel’ while on a call.
As the documentation from both companies around this is very poor, I’m not sure what to do next…

What else can I test?
What settings should I use?
Any other tips?


ok the answer turned out to be in this thread-

You can’t use a bluetooth headset on the GXV3370 unless you turn off the feature called ‘Enable Handsfree Mode’

I’m not sure what I’m losing by having this off, but it sounds like something I’d want…