GXP21xx Phones Missing Web Application


The templates for the GXP2170 (and I will assume the rest of the model lineup) is missing the setup for the Web Applications. This needs to be corrected.


I have to admit that I didn’t understand why Canadians where in love with the currency converter (now removed, RIP) until I started working with you and a couple others from Canada.


My clients and I really like the weather app, and that is what I was more specifically referring to.

However, there certainly are some who liked the FX app, especially when their business or personal interests required them to make or receive payments in other (non-Canadian) currencies; most of the world does not have the luxury of using their national currency internationally.


The currency exchanger was awesome. Would be useful now that I have customers in the US while living in Canada.


I tried to sit through a multicast paging training one time last year with a bunch of Canadians. The whole training got sidetracked for at least 20 minutes while they complained about the removal of the currency convertor.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! We will evaluate and improve the device template in GDMS platform for GXP2170 in the future GDMS release. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!