GXP21xx - Phonebook button LDAP setting enhancement



Currently when you set the Phonebook key function to LDAP search option, it only brings up a blank LDAP menu.

I would like to be able to set a value for the LDAP search like you can when using a MPK to do the same task. In practice, this would mean that I could press the Phonebook button and it would immediately search the LDAP for whatever value I set.

Relevant option (Highlighted green)

While I acknowledge that an MPK set to LDAP search with a value of [BLANK] is a valid workaround, It would be much better If i could use the dedicated phone book button instead, as currently it is pretty much useless as the LDAP search MPK is far superior in functionality.

This feature has been requested multiple times by different users since as early as 2016: