GXP21XX firmware


Why have GS specified FW for GXP21XX phones specific to version? And others not. Does this mean if I have auto update set I need to modify it on every UCM we have out there each time there is an update? … or is there a wildcard that can be used?


Could you be more specific?

Grandstream’s firmware site shows the latest production and beta firmware on it. With the GXP21xx series, each model has it’s own firmware file specific to it.

One of the improvements with the new GRPxxxx series is that is uses a single firmware file across all model.s


The GXP21XX firmware link is currently firmware.grandstream.com/gxp21xx/1_0_11_10 … it used to be just firmware.grandstream.com like most others … (which is easier if you have auto update firmware configured).


Ok @RichardW, I now I see what you mean.

Unfortunately for now, if you want to use their server, that is what you need to do.

Personally I either push firmware from Zero Config, GDMS, or if on a 3CX system, from 3CX.


I used to use zeroconfig to take from UCM … but I found a ‘set and forget’ option easier. You could set a general policy to get firmware from a single location for all models… the more systems you have out there the more time you need to spend uploading new firmware files … for each model you use.


@RichardW I would look at GDMS then. I think once you move over you will be able to do what you want.


I’m not sure I’m a fan of GDMS just yet. … but I do need to check it out more. My preference is to log into a site and have all the management I need right there using zero-config, rather than need to also login to GDMS. At first glance it also seems to farm off security to a third party relying on an email address and password for access?


I understand this on two fronts:

  1. Relying on a 3rd party cloud service authentication
  2. Relying on a 3rd party cloud service for security

With regards to the first item, Grandstream has provided 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) which does provide for a higher level of authentication than just a password.

With regard to the second, if you are concerned about this system is setup and managed, you can install GDMS on your own computer system and use it from there.

Personally my main concern is it’s level of functionality as currently setup (e.g. the way that templates work and the fact is does not currently support all current GS phone models and does not allow for UCM configuration).



Prompted me to look, just found this, thanks.

Could be interesting…



actually like your suggestion in another post … manage my own firmware server. Keep a single link, auto update etc.


Thank you. In my UCM installs I use the UCM as my firmware server. I am evaluating how I intend to do it with GDMS. However I will not use auto-load from a source that I do not control.