GXP21xx dual headsets



I have a client who wants to be able to have 2 headsets on the same deskphone, i understand there are no wizzy features like EHS in use, so if its a standard headset (ear / mic) would a standard RJ11 2pin splitter work to allow them both plugged in so its just splitting the sound and mic inputs?


I don’t know for sure, but standard analog should allow for splitting.

If you need someone to listen in, it’s just as easy to use whisper, listen, and barge.


They dont have many phones in the office so 2 people, single desk… 2 headsets. My thought are the same if its an analog headset, however its always nice to know if someone else has done it in the past…


I’ve used one of these before.

Plantronics Y-Splitter Adapter https://g.co/kgs/3uirxT

Or, at least something like that.

Assuming you’re using Plantronics headsets or will be buying them new.


If you’re using a UCM then you can use barge/listen/whisper instead. If I’m asked for Y cords I always suggest this and its a popular solution


Remember: VoIP is digital, but HANDSETS are analog. You can split/combine/phreak/whatever you want to do with them.


I was told by the client the Yealink headsets work, i have to find an RJ9 splitter cable now.