GXP21xx and GXP16xx not saving settings


I have a new install with one GXP2160 and a number of GXP16xx phones on a Yeastar S100 PBX.

The connect to the network and get an IP via DHCP no problem. I login to the web ui of a phone, am prompted to change the default password, and I do.

I then change the audio codec settings Under the ‘Accounts’ menu, and the phone works fine.

I am clicking ‘Save and Apply’ or ‘Save’ then ‘Apply’

But if I unplug the phone and plug it in elsewhere, I find all of my settings are lost.

Why is this? I’ve looked through the menus on the phone to find some item like ‘Permanently save’ or something like that, but can’t find anything. Help!



Look in the upgrade and maintenance section of the phone and then the config server settings. What is in this setting?


It is set to TFTP, and the IP address is of our PBX (Yeastar).


So, when it reboots or otherwise checks into the config server, it will assume the config in the server and overwrite any setting you may have have manually entered.