GXP2170 VMPK Transfer Account


I set up a VMPK on a GXP2170 to be used to transfer calls to a specific extension. The VMPK is set as “account 1”.

The phone has 4 different SIP accounts active.

If the user answers a call on account 1, the transfer VMPK works fine.

If the user answers a call on any of the other 3 accounts, the transfer VMPK does nothing.

Do I really need to set up 4 different VMPK’s to accomplish this?


You have set the keys for Account 1 only which will only work on account 1, Why the need for additional accounts on the handset?


Perhaps try to setup the VMPKs as “Eventlist BLFs” and enable “Enable transfer via non-Transfer MPK” if you didn´t have already.On GRP phones it works no matter which Line the call was accepted, so it should run on 2170 also.



I changed the VMPK from “TRANSFER” to “SPEEDDIAL” and enabled “Enable transfer via non-Transfer MPK” and that works perfectly.

Thank you very much for the direction!


You loose the BLF function if you set this to speeddial.
So it is not the same I suggested.
If you don´t know how to setup Eventlist BLFs you can have a look how Nathan Sharp shows it to you
step by step:


I don’t care about BLF for this key - there is nothing to BLF - I just needed a key to send the current call somewhere else.


Well then :grin:
The big goal is to see that the participant I want to transfer the call to, is on the phone on an active call.
That´s in principal the the main reason for using a PBX.
Don’t be so lazy and just do it right, as it should be :rofl:


Well, I won’t take offense to your comments. :rofl:

You have made an incorrect assumption that this key transfers the call to another user extension.

I have 2 keys that I am using for this, and neither one transfers the call to another user extension.

One transfers the call to a queue extension (no need for a BLF on that).

The other transfers the call to an external number (not possible to have a BLF on that).

Again, I do appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.


Well then I actually misunderstood your request. :grin:
If you only want to do that, then of course that’s correct and should fit for your needs :sunglasses: