GXP2170 Registers, REceives, but does not originate calls


I have many GXP2200s on a lan that obtain service from a Droplet in Digital Ocean. The switch is VitalPBX 2.4.2-4.

I recently purchased a GXP-2170 to use there, and programmed all six lines to the same PJSIP extensions that alkl the GXP2200s use. All extensions registered as show in the console, using PJSIP show contacts, and PJSIP show endpoints.

The GXP2170 received incoming calls.

But when I attempt to make a call, nothing is sent to the switch. Core Show Verbose 5 demonstrates this.

The phone sits and says CALLING in the display and eventually times out.

Anyone experience this or have an idea how to fix?

Many thanks!


Please elaborate what you have done to the GXP2170 on the line keys… take a snapshot and post here…


Thnis is indicative the entries on all six lines for the general page
No changes to other pages
Device registers with VitalPBX (Asterisk) server and shows in PJSIP Show Endpoints and PJSIP Show Contacts
Receives calls fine
Origination of calls not sent to server.
Most frustrating


dtmf is set to what on the handsets?


What you set on VPK ? are first lines as default ?