GXP2170 Mute Key Hanging up


After installing 26 GXP2170’s with a UCM6510, We have came accross an odd issue where one paticular phone is rebooting when the mute button is pressed during calls. The firmware are all the same on and are all set to zero config. We attempted a packet trace and found nothing odd. We even tried to use PuTTY to restore to factory default and restarted and issue is continuing. We tried to use GrandstreamAffinity to place on mute and the issue is still happening, could this possibly a hardware fault ?


We have now opened the device and found that the solder on the mute LED was shorting causing the reboot. After resoldering, the device is now working. I do not recommend anyone opening the device up unless the device as out of warrenty and you have the know how. Just thought I would share what was causing our issue.