GXP2170 - how to change Call-Forward-Settings via WebGUI or auto-provisioning



we have a severe problem with our GXP2170 phones. In our company we have setup around 20 of them…

We have an office “far away” and have only access to the phone via GUI and SSH…

The last user setup an unconditional callforward and we need to change this setting remotely.
Unfortunately there seems no way to do this via GUI or via SSH… or am I missing something?

Unfortunately even the reboot did not affect this setting…

Would it be possible to alter the CF-Setting via tha cfg-files and initiate a new provisioning?
If so, which P-Parameters do we have to use?

The only way to switch off the setting is to factory-reset and let autoprovisioning do the rest, but this way we can only remove the setting, we cannot change it…

If there should be really no way to set or alter cf-settings remotely this is a hint for the developers… please include such a feature asap, as this is an absolutely urgent feature as it may cut you off any communication which is very bad for a company…



Have you looked under extension and features to see if the user made the changes there via the user Portal?


The CF Settings are not viewable in the WebGUI… thats the point.
The user enables and disables the CF via the Softkey on the phone… bis this setting is nowhere
reflected in the webgui and there seems to be no way to change this setting anyhow remotely.
which makes the office unreachable for phonecalls in our case, because the cf-destination is unreachable
and nobody can “go to the office” and change the setting on the phone.
It seems, as if grandstream development did not think far enough when they implemented this feature…?