GXP2170 - Change Weather Location


I’ve got a bundle of new GXP2170’s that i’m currently rolling out. Only problem is they are pulling some random town for the weather data. I need it to be using “Grass Valley, CA”

Changing the city code from “auto” to “self defined” and changing the city code to either the zip code or city name always just gives me “service unavaileable”.

Does anyone know the proper way to input the city code?




I have the same issue. I have looked up and entered the correct code for my area but it doesn’t work?


Have you tried “Grass Valley, US” - it works with FW
It is described in the TipText also :slight_smile:


I use City,State Country

Winona, MN USA


Thanks! “City, State Country” worked perfectly. Now I can add that to my freepbx basefile. You guys rock!



Grass Valley,US


i m using GXP2135 ver and this worked for me.thanks a lot.


i forgot to mention that i m in Toronto,Ontario,Canada and i used all lowercase.


Grass Valley, California will work as well. This is the format that I always use