Gxp2170 caller name lookup from vpk - speed-dial



when I receive a call on the gxp2170 and the caller is stored as a speed-dial contact on one of the VPKs
the LCD on the phone does not show the Name of the caller, that is configured in the “description” of the corresponding VPK… it shows only the callers´ phonenumber.

Is it possible to let the phone do a cid-lookup in the VPKs that have a speed-dial function configured and let the display show the corresponding description of that VPK where the value matches the callers phonenumber?



Number is compared with phonebook not speed dial.


CID (Cnam) is usually a delivered item by the delivering carrier or device sending the INVITE. The phone will look up (no different than most cell phones) the entry in its phone book and if found will present same, but not from a VPK.

The VPK entry is as you suggested nothing more than a speed dial and any name, which is not required, is nothing more than an informational field to allow the caller a visual aid as to who they are calling.