GXP2170 button LEDs quit working


Does anyone else here have problems with the BLF LEDs on their GXP phones quit working?

We have 17 GXP2170 phones at our corp. office. After only 2 years, about half of them have dead LEDs. Only the green LEDs appear to be affected, the red ones still work.

See the attached photo…

This is my own deskphone, it is probably one of the worse ones. As you can see many of the LEDs are dead. It is NOT a software problem, it is most definitely hardware related. Flicking or tapping on the buttons or the area around them can sometimes make them work for a few seconds. Occasionally some of the dead LEDs will come back to life. The ones that come and go will often be dimly lit and/or flickering.

The phones are in a normal air conditioned office environment. Nothing extreme.


I would open a ticket with Grandstream if you are a reseller or via your authorized reseller if you are an end user as this would seem to be a hardware issue.