Gxp2170 blf keys - some beep


I am testing with a GXP2170, fw:
I have 15 BLF VPK’s.
The problem I’m having is that when some of the BLF extensions are active, the 2170 beeps a DTMF tone. But I can’t figure out any pattern. About 1/2 of the BLF’s beep when they are ringing, and about 1/2 of them are silent.
All of them are configured exactly the same: Busy Lamp Field (BLF) 1.

I do not want this extension to beep every single time another phone is in use. What can I do?


Have not heard of this before and I was just at a site that only uses 2170s and has BLFs on all and not one ever beeped.

When it beeps, is this through the speaker or headset and is the phone in question being used (off-hook) or unused (on-hook)?


Every time a BLF goes from green to red, the 2170 plays a DTMF tone on the speaker. I know this is a status indication that is configurable but I can’t figure out which setting it is. And that fact that it only does it on 50% of the BLF’s indicates to me that there is a bug in the firmware.

I tried 3 times to upgrade the firmware to .126 beta, but it just hangs at “downloading firmware”.


The site I was at with the 2170s is also running the .121 version of firmware. So, I do not think it to be a firmware issue and I further assume many others would be complaining of it.

When did this start? And how long have you been on .121?

I assume your answer regarding the speaker sounding is indicative that the handset is on-hook when this occurs. If you dial the extension from a different extension, what happens, does it then ring?

I can only suggest that you factory reset the unit and then manually provision the BLF one at a time and test as you go to see if and when the beep resurfaces.


I just went through the settings and found which setting it is.
Enable BLF Pickup Sound.