GXP2170 actinf weird


I have recently installed like 5 GXP2170 at one of my customer and i m on the latest firmware on all of them.These phones are AUTO PROVISSIONED with my hosted carrier .I m having nasty issues like:
1 When a number is dialed lets say any number and IVR answers on the other end,at that point right after dialing the number after 5 seconds the call disappear to LINE BUTTON and in order to get it back i would have to press the LINE BUTTON and at that point i press any option like 1 or 2 from the IVR ,the phone would just ignore it simply.And this happens intermitently(most time) on all phones plus it even happens when i dial voicemail to check messages.
2 When CALL PARK BUTTON is pushed to park the call ,the phone sometimes would display SOLID GREEN and sometime would display SOLID RED (which i assume is the correct way becasue it chnages the status for the button so that customer knows that they correclty parked the call)

What has been done for far with no luck:
1: factroy reset phones several times and re-provsioned
2 Changed the STUN seetings to ipvideotallk and google DNS
3 chnage all the vcoder to PCMU only
4 Tried to bring one phone to my office and problem still remained the same,but got better from most time to half of the time only.

Grandstream and hosted provider are kind of giving up.

Plan to do next is:
1 downgarde firmware ,factroy reset and re-provsiisioned again

Thanks in advance


It would seem this is a question best asked of your hosted carrier as they are doing the provisioning. As such, any changes you make could very well be over-ridden by them at any time.


Hello drostoker
Yes…after all day long yesterday torubleshooting,tracing we i think found the issue and it looks like with the Hosted Provider.But will update asap i get 100% answer and resolved .Why i m saying because i have one of the phone with me in my office and i have been switching it with different networks (ROGERS CABLE and ACANAC DSL ) and the phone was acting the same way on all these three in total networks (One customers’ and two at my office with all different equpoiement and everything).So now since we have manually configured some settings and did not AUTO-PROVISSION the phone had no issue at all.So far it looks like it was issue with the Hosted carrier’s template .But again wil update today as soon as i hear back from them.Thanks