Gxp2160 will not boot


My GXP2160 will not boot. When I power it up, i get the Granstream Logo in the center of the screen. The logo remains and the phone appears locked. It does not acquire an ip or anything. Is there a way to reset the phone on boot. I cannot get to any menus at all. None of the buttons light up. No response from any of the keys. I have two phones doing this. My 10 other phones work fine.


Are you powering it from PoE or a power supply?


Are there differences between the 2 that do not work and the 10 that do? In other words, were they all purchased at the same time, all running the same firmware, all powered the same, etc. ? How long have you left them alone and do they just stay stuck with the logo?


I am powering them with POE. I purchased these two along with a third to add to my other phones. One of the three powers up but the other two do not. As a result, I do not know what firmware they are using because I cannot get to the menu on the phone or the GUI because they do not acquire an IP address. I have left one off overnight and will check it this morning when I get to work. I left one powered up overnight to see if might be a delay issue.


PoE ports (and power supplies) can go bad. So can cables and connectors. I’d start with swapping PoE switch ports or cables with a known working phone and see if that changes things. I’d also try using a power supply if you have one to see if that changes things (if you can).


Tried other ports on the POE and tried using the Grandstream Power Supply directly in the phone. Same results. Here is a photo of the screen that I get. When I plug the phone in, it gives this screen after about 5 seconds. This screen remains until I disconnect the power. I left on phone on overnight and the same screen was still there. I turned off the other phone overnight. Same result when I powered it up this morning.
Is there any power up sequence for these phones that will default to the previous firmware? Something like holding down specific keys whitle powering up?grandstream


At this point, I suggest you talk to grandstream support (https://helpdesk.grandstream.com/users/dashboard) or your provider. Sounds like your phone(s) are dead.