GXP2160 intermittent issue where it can't answer the call, other phones still ring


What firmware?


In our situation, it only happens on phones that have been upgraded to 1.0.9.*** (all minor versions).

No issues on any phones running 1.0.7 or 1.0.8. We’ve had phones with the issue running 1.0.9, and once we downgrade them the issue goes away.

The weird part is that as a temporary fix, I installed 8 new phones that shipped from the factory running, and none of them have had any issues. I’m not sure if something with the upgrade process is going wonky, but definitely something weird.


.x is not telling me which version as there was 102, 108, 121, 127 and 132. 108 was removed from circulation as it had an issue with codec negotiation. Most of the reports I have see have involved the 12X versions, but as AFAIK, those that upgraded to .132 have not reported it since. While I cannot say that this is a definite fix, I can only say the absence of any reports is promising.


The only “bugfix” I see in the .132 release notes are below, and I can’t say that anything quite matches the reported problems (that we are sharing here on a single GXP2140 device). Anyone?

• Fixed No audio issue with call pickup answering
• Fixed One-way audio issue after picking up monitored BLF call if caller is using certain audio codecs
• Fixed No audio issue after RE-INVITE
• Fixed Device does not send PRACK in ALLOW header when sending 180 Ringing
• Fixed Phone replies with 200OK “sendrecv” upon receiving INVITE “sendonly” for SIP/UDP and
SIP/TLS with Broadsoft
• Fixed Phone displays N/A on screen if weather service is unavailable
• Fixed Broadsoft UC-One: Not reusing authorization header for XSI
• Fixed Broadsoft UC-One: Dialing conference with ID and PIN have DTMF issue for IM&P
• Fixed Security vulnerability issues


I agree, nothing mentioned that indicates the issue or a fix. I can only indicate what my experience was as well as others.

I assume that just as they may unknowingly break something with a new version, they may also unknowingly fix something as well. I also assume that the possibility exists that not every problem or fix may be reported.


Updating this phone to the on this phone has not cured the problem for my client. Calls continue to come in that they cannot answer.
I managed to locate a copy of for the GXP2140 device. I don’t know if putting that in will help at all or make things worse.


Hello @thepossum

I have copies of firmware for,, and if you want them. Not sure they’ll help but, I’ve got 'em if you want 'em.



The firmware.grandstream.com website doesn’t link to them any more, but .zip files with previous versions are still available for download:

I don’t actually have a full list of what versions were released, so can’t say if there are any earlier or later without attempting to download it manually. I am unable to pull down the .36 or .44 versions you mention.


I think that if firmware were the issue and as you have experienced it on numerous versions, there would hundreds if not thousands complaining.

I suggest you do a capture of a call if possible.

BTW, are you the same as mkras who posted earlier?


I can’t do packet captures, I’m working remotely from an entirely different subnet/lan.

The office is a new installation, with a hosted freepbx 14. All the other phones are GXP2130 with and not experiencing this issue. The receptionist has a GXP2140 with some sidepanel extension boards, and this is the single phone that is intermittently unable to answer calls. Call comes in, everything on the phone is blinking and alerting, and neither picking up the handset nor using the speakerphone button will answer the call.

We’d set it up with the then-latest, and even after upgrading to it’s still experiencing the same problem. I’ve currently got on it and can now only wait for feedback from the client.

Possibly my only other recourse right now, if the complaints continue, is to repurpose the one GXP2140 in our own office, which I’m told has some relatively ancient 1.0.5.x firmware version.


Please give us an answer. This is happening at two sites I manage now, and my client is threatening to pull the systems out and demand a full refund. I replaced one of the GXP phones with a sangoma phone and magically the problem is now gone for that extension. If I have to replace all of these phones (over 2 dozen between two clients) I will no longer sell Grandstream products!!!


This is primarily a user-to-user support forum.

If you want Grandsteam tech support from them, open a Help Desk Ticket


Jtshowsjr -
As you never mentioned the firmware versions or the PBX make, the solution is problematic as other apparently resolved the issue by regressing firmware given the lack any further input. Not sure that it did, but the lack of a response can be just as telling as a response.


Has anyone been able to get this issue corrected ? . I have a customer with the same issue. Two or three times a day, out of 50 or so calls, the operator on a GXP 2140 with a side car, tries to answer the phone in a ring group and can’t answer the call. The operator gets ringing in the handset and the call eventually gets answered by another user in the ring group. We also tried answering the call by the speaker phone button with the same results.
We have swapped the phone out with no luck. we are running a UCM on and the phones are on I have caught the behavior on a trace but it only looks like the operator didn’t answer the call. Aslo when you are webbed into the phone you don’t see a missed call in the call list.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Guys,

Hate to be a pain here but has anyone been able to find a solution for this? I have a new install of 8 2160’s and 5 1628’s with a UCM6204. i have just upgraded the firmware on the phones ( and UCM (

They receive approx 250 calls in a day and 15 to 20 of them will come in and can’t be picked up on the first try. the call can usually be picked up via a BLF key but they are getting frustrated by it.

I don’t use the 2160 very much and thought that I may have set it up wrong but from reading around I have not done anything I would see as obviously wrong…

Cheers Ron.


Catch syslog on debug and sent this to GS. This is user forum there is no way we help with bugs.


Going forward, please start a new thread. The original was hijacked by others with somewhat similar issues, but not the same and it gets somewhat problematic when new issues are attached to old ones as it forces us to go back and read the history of the thread in order to see the relationship to what has been suggested, done and reported earlier.

How many ring groups and how many phones/members are in each?
Have you done a network capture to see what the messaging looks like?
As you mentioned 1628s being in the mix, I take it that these never have the issue? What firmware?


okay will get more info from site and start a new thread. thanks for the response.