GXP2160 intermittent issue where it can't answer the call, other phones still ring


Hi there,

I have an unknown issue in two different PBX deployments with a GXP 2160 not answering an incoming call. When the handset is picked up to answer the call, the GXP2160 will show the Dialing menu instead and quit ringing. Other phones on the ring group will continue to ring until the incoming call is answered. This issue occurs on a single GXP2160 in each of my deployments anywhere from 0-2 times per day with an average of 100-200 incoming calls daily.

In both deployments, it is a specific GXP2160 unit that has this issue. There are several other GXP2160 phones in the same deployment that do not have this issue. I have not seen any evidence in a packet capture, captures always show another extension answered the call, but no messages from the GXP2160 during the answering of the call when the issue happens…

I am on the latest firmware. Thanks for any help!

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Did you create groups or what? How did you create them etc.?


I am using Freepbx 14.

In Freepbx I have about 5 extensions in a ring group for the main incoming line. Traditionally whoever answers first gets the call.The user with the GXP 2160 attempts to answer first, but instead the GXP 2160 shows the dial menu where you would place a call.
The call continues to ring the other phones.


Will need a capture of this to see the signaling and timing. Does the same ever occur when the extension is dialed directly?


Hi, I have been waiting for the receptionist to let me know when this issue happened. It finally happened again. Unfortunately there is still no evidence here to show that she tried to pick up her phone. I can provide the full asterisk log of the call if you think that might help.

So in this call, is Freepbx server, and is the GXP2160 with the issue:

|4072|10010.015100|||SIP/SDP|1135|Request: INVITE sip:105@ | |
|4073|10010.036733|||SIP|544|Status: 100 Trying | |
|4074|10010.047067|||SIP|626|Status: 180 Ringing | |
|4091|10021.275446|||SIP|534|Request: CANCEL sip:105@ | |
|4096|10021.318711|||SIP|595|Status: 200 OK | |
|4097|10021.335752|||SIP|571|Status: 487 Request Terminated | |
|4098|10021.337135|||SIP|464|Request: ACK sip:105@ ||

What I see above is that the GXP never answers the call. It goes on to be answered by another extension.

Thanks for your help!

Edit: I forgot to mention that the capture is being done by the GXP2160 with the issue. I am capturing to USB drive.


I sent you email.


We’re encountering a similar issue with one of our clients this week. This particular office has 25 GXP2140/60s, and 40 Yealink T26s. Only 4 of the grandstream phones (2x 2140s, and 2x 2160s) are having the issue. All the phones are on firmware

Some other notes;
-None of the yealinks are having the problem.
-Hosted Asterisk server.
-Similar to you, the pcaps don’t show any evidence of the phones attempting to pickup the call. Happens intermittently.
-Downgrading the firmware isn’t an option, as we need the phones on 1.0.9 to utilize new dial plan rules, (“T”)

If you manage to figure out what might be causing this, I’d definitely be interested to know. We’ve tried everything to straighten these out, but haven’t had any luck yet.


It shows that the phone responded back to the PBX indicating that it was ringing. The CANCEL is when the PBX told the phone to quit ringing as someone else answered.

So, we know the phone is messaging correctly, it also OK’ed the CANCEL.

This leaves us with the following options:

  1. It is indeed ringing per the message and the ringer volume is turned down on the front panel of the phone or it is set to ring the headset and not the speaker.
  2. Presumably there is a line button on the display when a call comes in. When it does come in does the line/account button blink or light up indicating a call?
  3. When a call is made from the phone, does the line button light up?


Good questions.

I went over with the receptionist last month about checking that the handset is properly seated. I thought this was her issue at first. I thought she didnt realize, like you said, that the phone might be unintentionally going to speaker. Both her and the coworkers that sit by her are telling me these details about when a call comes in on this phone:

When a call is incoming on her phone, the 2160 flashes on her line and the screen shows that there is an incoming call. Of course the 5 BLF lights for the other extensions are blinking as well. She picks up the handset to answer the call. The incoming call screen goes away, and the “dialing screen” (the screen you get when you pick up the handset to make a call) comes on and her line light quits blinking. The BLFs continue to flash until someone else answers the call. It is like her phone goes to the wrong menu and gets ready for her to dial a phone number instead of answering the call that is ringing.

Does this help you visualise the issue? I mean this only happens every 1 out of 100 calls that she answers, but she is the primary person that is supposed to be answering the calls, so they get frustrated when this issue comes up and someone else has to answer.


I get the picture,
Can you do a wireshark capture at the phone and post? I know it may be a pain given the randomness.
If she presses the line key while the handset is on-hook, does it always answer then? It will go to speakerphone, but curious is the press of the button forces the issue that lifting the handset (off-hook) does not.