GXP2160 Freezes



Hi guys,

I don’t know if this can help but I had same problems happening when direct forwarding calls from one phone to another one internally. First BLF got stuck on all the other phones that have not initiated the calls and then the same phones freezes communications.

I finally get to disable the supervision of call forward and looks like it’s working back to normal. Don’t know what’s exactly the trouble here but it’s the same pb whatever the firmware is.

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Updating with an active ticket.

Have a collection of over 10 1450s and 4 2160s all experiencing this issue at the exact same time.
Something recent has impacted these phones.
I also recommend anyone here post an active ticket, sign up time shouldn’t take long.


I’ve experienced similar problems with phones occasionally not responding properly. Sometimes users try to answer a call and the phone will keep ringing, or they won’t hear anyone. It’s very sporadic and I can’t pinpoint any event on the phone that causes it. The only fix I’ve been able to offer customers is rebooting the phone, which sounds terrible from a technical perspective because it’s just kicking the can down the street. I unfortunately do not have time to do captures so it would be nice if Grandstream could fix this on their own. It’s otherwise a great phone and one of the few that have separate BLF keys.


If it is showing caller ID coming from an extension that doesn’t exist than it is likely network traffic being interpreted as a call. It’s also possible for a random call from an IP address to do this.
Disable it by doing this: (pcodes included if you know how to use them)
This covers Account 1 only:

On the phone
Account X–SIP Settings-Security settings:

Check SIP User ID for Incoming INVITE: Yes
P258 = 1

Validate Incoming Messages
P2306 = 1

Authenticate Incoming INVITE
P2346 = 1


Any progress on this?

We have a couple thousand handsets in production, and this lockup issue has forced us to sell only Yealink for the last year.

We tried filing tickets with this issue, but GS support is not very helpful - We’re on our own for diagnosing this.


Is this bug is still present for some users, for me it is?
And GS Don’t help much! Active ticket, and they still require more core dump but no fix at all.


Please open a new thread as this post started some two years ago with the last post being 11 months ago and much has changed since. Please provide the details associated to the issue being seen such as firmware version, SIP server type as well as what the issue is. I am closing this post and look forward to a new thread. Thanks.