GXP2160 Freezes



I have customers having an issue where they are on a phone call for a long time like 1+ hours and then a second call rings at their phone and they hit that extension to put the first long call on hold and the phone freezes. They have to reboot the phone to get it to do anything.

Phones are at firmware. Not sure what we can do to fix this. I would imagine it couldn’t be an issue with the PBX but we are using 3cx if that helps.


We are using free switch and we have the exact same issue, you don’t have to even be one hour even 20 to 30 minutes it will happen…


How you found any way around it or to at least minimize it?


So far not, we have not even opened a ticket with Grandstream,


Please submit a ticket within our help desk and our engineers will assist you with this issue.


Already have and gotten nowhere so far.


I have the exact same problem. Any updates on this from Grandstream?


Nothing that has worked…


Do you guys know if this has happened on other 21XX models? I’ve only seen it on 2160s. And usually only on the receptionist’s phone, that sees the most calls. I will have to replace it with a 2140 and the extension module, but would hate to have this happen on that model as well. Any thoughts?


This used to happen to old phones that have a lot of BLFs programmed that also change their status a lot (like almost all blinking when a ring group receives a call). So make sure to have the latest firmware and to unassing BLFs that the receptionist doesn’t need.

You might want to try EventList-BLF instead of regular BLFs to see if that does makes a difference. But I don’t think there is much power difference between 2160 and 2140.


Thanks for the response. I was able to reproduce the problem on latest firmware and with no BLF activity. I simply make multiple simultaneous calls to the phone and switch between calls by pressing the line buttons on the left hand side of the screen. It doesnt always happen, though. I opened up a ticket but Grandstream says they’ve never seen it during the stress tests.


We have this problem as well, one particular user’s phone (GXP2160) is often freezing. We have swapped their phone, different switch port, every new firmware that is released and still it freezes several times a week. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this soon.


Did anyone get any response from Grandstream to try that has helped? My only response from them so far was to try the newer firmware(which hasn’t helped)


I think I have more less the same problem. Phones are freezing after an internal transfer.

Does anyone received an answer here?


Wow, looks like the list of folks experiencing this problem is growing. Nothing useful from Grandstream. I opened up a ticket weeks ago but they keep asking me for more info. They cannot duplicate it. I have provided 2 core dumps from phones that have experienced this issue. but apparently has not helped.

Can you guys open up formal tickets with them? Maybe it will raise the urgency to this problem. I dont think they are actively monitoring this forum thread.

Can you guys collect core dumps from your freezing phones? The more they have the better.


We now have had multiple phones do this including a GXP2130. So I do not think it is limited to just the GXP2160.


The more packet captures you can get while this occurs and send to GS would likely assist in seeing the problem.


I opened a ticket with Grandstream and according to them they are aware of the issue and the fix will be included in the next firmware version.


was this issue fixed in


No it was not.