GXP2160 - Call Transfer -- No Dial Plan Matched



Hey guys,

I am having an issue with the GXP2160 when trying to forward a call… by pressing the forward button and then one of the BLF keys I have programmed… I get “No Dial Plan Matched” that appears on the screen…

However… if I simply press the BLF key I am able to ring that extension perfectly… it is only when trying to transfer a call that I get this…

The dial plan is the default one — { x+ | +x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }

The value in the BLF is the account name on the server – 109764_COMF102

Any ideas why the call transfer would not be working while everything else does ???



GXP2160 Transfer / BLF

I had a similar problem. I added {x+_X+} to the dial plan and I was able to blind transfer to a BLF key. There needs to be a dial plan that matches the BLF sub-account.

I haven’t been able to find a proper dial plan syntax, but I believe this is how the matching works:

x+ matches any length of numeric characters
_ matches underscore
X+ matches any length of alphanumeric characters

Note: if 109764 is your account number, you can use that in place of x+, i.e. {109764_X+}


we are having the same problem, @pico42 what you added to your dial plan does not seem to be working for us

any other suggestions or recommendation’s ??


It’s been a while since I dealt with this, but I think the issue is that for blind transfer to work there needs to be a dial plan that matches the subaccount. Our VoIP accounts are of the format 111111_name and none of the default dial plans will match something with an _. That being said, what I reported before isn’t what I actually ended up using. It looks like the _ needs to be escaped with a \, so the dial plan that I added is actually:


(where 111111 is replaced with the number of my VoIP account). I hope that helps. Good luck!


@pico42 , Thanks a bunch i got it to work !!,

Do you also have a formula solution for making the phone auto dial the Local Area code for all local numbers?,
so we can dial phone numbers without always having to dial the local area code every time


Thanks a bunch for your reply , what you recommended works great , Made me super excited :smile: