GXP2140 won't pick up parked call unless "End" is pressed first on handset


We have a customer that reported something to us and we started troubleshooting it in our lab and we can reproduce it. We consider it a bug. Here’s the problem:

On a GXP2140 running, we have a “Park Call” VPK that works. There is also a button that is supposed to monitor the first two parking lot slots as in a BLF. This problem occurs whether it’s set as BLF, Monitored Call Park, or Call Park. If they do things in the following, specific order, then the call cannot be picked up from the BLF:

I am being very specific in the order:

  1. Call is parked (works)
  2. Light turns on (works)
  3. Person picks up handset (works)
  4. Person pushes BLF button (doesn’t work)
  5. Call will not connect, person still hears dialtone
  6. Person presses “End Call” (works)
  7. Person can now press BLF and pick up call (works)

If the person doesn’t pick up the handset but presses the BLF button first, the call is picked up normally. If they’re fast, they can press the button and then pick up the handset before the call is fully connected.

I know it’s a minor thing, but step 4 above works fine on a GXP2160. Meaning, if you pick up the handset and then press the BLF button, the call is properly placed to the parking lot slot and the call is picked up.

So we upgraded the test phone to to see if the problem persists, and it does.

We consider this to be a bug in the GP2140 since it does not behave the same way as the GXP2160 (sorry, we didn’t drag out our GXP1782 to test it there).


I have the same problem on a set of 2130s!


Good to know it’s not just us. Can anyone else confirm or deny this behavior?

Unable to pick up call using BLF key if handset is picked up first

Yea, same here:


Just ran into this issue while setting up our new system. Is there any solution yet or is it still the same.