GXP2140 upgrading firmware issue


On a GXP2140 try to upgrade from firmware to 1.07.97, but I get the message “File upload timeout. Please try again”.
Can someone help?


I would suggest that you update to the previous main version of firmware eg 1.0.6x


Use HTTP server. TFTP sometime fail.


I was not able to find ver. 1.0.6x on firmware site. Is it archive elsewhere?


You mean I have to build my own HTTP server? This is above my skill… :frowning:


Use HFS http server (allow firewall on pc). This is easiest http server i seen.
It is described in GS manual for upgrade.


You were right, using the HFS was quite simple :+1:

Unfortunately, the firmware failed to install with the HFS. I have two other GXP2140 phones that upgraded to without issues, but they were already on firmware

I would like to try to upgrade through version 1.0.6, then upgrade to newer versions, like scottip suggest, but I can’t find this firmware version anywhere. Is it archive somewhere else?


Below normal you have


Thank you, but does not work. I read many sayings that 1.0.6 must be installed first, but I can’t find this firmware anywhere. :frowning:


ASK GS diretly via


OK, i’ll do that.
Thank you for your help!


For the benefit of the community, my problem was solved. Grandstream sent me a link to download version that unlock my phone. Then, I was able to install subsequent firmware versions all the way to the latest version.

Thank you Marcin and scottsip