Gxp2140 / gxp2160


I thought these were end of life, however it appears they can be be supplied, when will these phones be end of life?

Anyone had any issues with the current firmware and UCM with these end points?

I have a client who may way to buy some 2140 with the 2200EXT…


They work on the same software as the 2170 so they should last a while yet.
Having said that, who knows when they’ll go EoL.

I prefer the 2170 with the 2200ext
much more bang for your buck.


I agree, you know what clients are like though…

Especially with how Grandstream have a habit of EoL products over night with no warning at all. Kinda surprised the 2130/40/60 are still around.


don’t make me sad…it’s Friday! :slight_smile:
Another good reason to just go with the 2170.


Main line usually is for long, not hear anything about EOL.
GXV3240 is for sure to EOL as GXV3275 got EOL.


3240? this takes the GXP2200EXT, when is that end of life?

3275 wouldn’t surprise me, they have the new one, however we can use this argument with the 2140, they have the 2175 now…!


2140 =/= 2170 - different design.

As for 3240 -> you need keep 2 development team as 3240 and 3275 keep same android and 3370 have different. It make no sense to keep 2 dev team.
So in short 3275=3370 so i guess 3240 = 3340 (same android as 3370). We also know that hw in 3240 is old and it start lacking power (android curse).
GXP2200ext will stay as it is used across all models.

3275 eol is sure it is not available on market, so guess they EOL both at same time (my estimates around half year ?) That’s what i think, do not get confirmation from GS.


Never can tell when GS will EoL something, however the 3240 is a nice phone but i dont like them for corporate use, they are nice in a board room IF you need the EXT though… it is kinda redundant as the larger screen would be better for Skype (which the camera would be used for).


Many companies will not announce EOL based upon their sales channels. In the GS case, they use a reseller market which is mostly small operations who seldom carry much inventory. If they were to announce an EOL too soon, it would likely strand product at distributors as no one would be inclined to buy a product that they knew to be obsolete. Even if they were to offer a LTB (last time buy) by announcing EOL, it would still act as a signal and again resellers are not apt to buy into inventory. They may give the distributors some warnings, but as the distributors are the ones who have the relationship with the resellers, they too have no inclination to do anything other than to possibly discount the price some and then hope they are able to turn their inventory over.

If the manufacturers were all TL9000 registered then it might be a different story.