GXP2135 - Question about fading display screens


Hi again

I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had something silimar happen to them regarding screen degeneration.

I have around 10x ip phones all GXP2135 models and I recently had 2 get sent back because of their screens developing problems.

The problem can be described as the actual screen slowly fading in to a bright white light - like a gradient. The fade actually seems to be dissolving the image rather than just making it brighter. For example you cant see anything other than white light in that area,

Anyways they were under warranty and were changed but i was wondering what could cause this and if anyone else had something similar happen to them.

I noticed that new firmwares allow a screen timeout now where before there was no such thing and phones were constantly displaying all the time around the clock. Could it be that the screen burned out from being on for long periods of time?

I await any productive feedback. thanks


Yes. I have experienced the issue and a few others have reported it as well.

The cause could be a number of items, but I am leaning towards supplier quality issue. I say this, as an opinion, as GS has experience designing devices with LCD screens and from what I can gather, the issue seems to be impacting the 2135 far more so than any other model that has been mentioned on the forum.

My experience dates back to units bought in Oct 2016. In this case, the failure rate exceeded 60%. 2130, 2140, 2160 and 2170 models bought before and during the same period have experienced 0% issues.

GS has been good to me about it, but the client was not impressed and has since refrained from further purchases of this model in favor of others.

As far as your question relating to possible burn-out. I suppose it possible, but I have to assume that the supplier has a specified MTBF, which should encompass the device being used to its limits (color saturation, dead pixel count, max and min voltage and current consumption, environmental, etc.). Many of the same size displays that I have seen come with a 50,000 hour MTBF. While this is a mean measurement and some will fall sooner than others, there are others that will exceed 50K as well. The bottom line being that 50K hours equates to 5.7 years of expected reliable operation running continuously as long as the device is operated within it stated specifications.

However, to be fair, I do not know that the LCD itself is at fault. It could be some of the circuitry that controls the display has an issue that cause the display to have the results.

Regardless, I still feel/hope a supplier issue as I have to believe that GS does accelerated life testing/HALT/HAAS on an ongoing basis to insure product quality, but from experience, I can tell you that some things sneak thru.


Here’s something curious. I have the same problem with several of the 2135 models. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I move my head to the right slightly the screen clears up and appears normal. I almost wonder if the screens themselves aren’t just moving over time to where the viewing angle is off.


Scratch that. I sat two side by side and that statement is completely wrong.lol


2135 and 2130 share same screen, there is some 2135 with broken screen too.


I have experienced this as well. I am in process of trying to get ~40 phones replaced due to this issue. I already had to replace 27 phones for a client due to the screen problem.

We’ve sold hundreds of Grandstream phones to our clients and this issue has really made them hesitant to purchase any other Grandstream products. At this time I won’t quote or sell a 2135 to my clients.

Grandstream has been really good with approving replacements, but I wish they would acknowledge they had some QC issue with batches of these phones or tell us something to ensure the newer 2135’s won’t experience this. The warranty for the phone is only 1 year, but at a 40% failure rate (in our experience so far) that is completely unacceptable.

I’ll let you know what they say in regards to the returns


I have 7 GXP-2135’s, purchased a little over 2 years ago. All started fading over the last year, one has become unuseable.


Speak to the authorized Grandstream reseller you purchased them from. They can reach out to Grandstream for you to see if there is anything they can do.


you’re giving me bad news :persevere:


@damiano70, that would be?


nothing, I was ironic, lately I have sold many, for now no problem of faulty display


There is some bad on market that have bad display, fault was not from start but show after many months. It is not all anyway. Gs usually do not make a problem with replacement.


I had two go bad out of warranty.