GXP2135 no dial tone after upgrade



I upgraded my GXP2135 from to but now I have the problem that I can’t make calls. I have the first 8 VPK configures as BLF.

Any idea how to fix it?



if you don’t have any line keys you can’t make any calls


but it was working before the upgrade. is there any other way around?


If you’re looking for a solution that you like, you’d better turn to a paid company, as you don’t even take advice into account.



I don’t think they are not taking advice as much as wanting understanding on what changed.

My best guess is that the old firmware didn’t know how to process a person using both the VPKs and the Line keys at the same time and caused a bug that allowed it to work when it shouldn’t have. I would say that bug has been fixed with the firmware upgrade.

VPK 1 and 2 should be left unused on the VPK screen and assigned lines on the account screen.

If you are using config files to do this(or zero config), I’d make the appropriate changes, factory reset the phones, and let them re-provision again.

If none of that makes any sense to you, then I’d get paid support to fix it for you.
We can help with that if needed.


which would be what I said :slight_smile:


@lstutesman thanks for the explanation. As you said it, I just wanted to make sure that I was having everything correct.

At first I thought that with the new FW maybe any additional configuration was required to make it work. Now I see that the bug was with the old FW and no the new one.