GXP2135 - Bluetooth - Pairing Phone - No Sound and Micro on the GXP2135



i have a problem with my new GXP2135.

I connected my phone (huawei p30 lite) via bluetooth to the GXP. If i have a call to the mobilephone, the GXP reacts and i can accept the call on it. But the voice and micro is still only on the mobilephone. I can’t speak with the GXP. The other direction, if i take a call with the GXP via mobilephone, i can use the phonebook of the mobile device and can select a number und trail. But still again no sound on the gxp.

I updated the GXP to the new firmware. I reseted the GXP, but nothing work.

Is there some help vor me?

Best regards and many thanks


Please check the handsfree section of the attached -


Hello Ipneblett,

i have followed the instructions on yesterday.


By connecting cell phone to GXP2130v2/GXP2140/GXP2160 phone via hands free mode, user can sync
up cellphone phonebook to GXP phone and make calls on GXP phone via cell phone account.
GXP2130v2/GXP2140/GXP2160 plays the role of Bluetooth headset in hands free mode.

the GXP don’t plays the role of an headset! I hear nothing on the GXP.

The mobile phone is correct connected and everthing is green.



OK, thanks as you had not mentioned following the manual.

I can only suggest that you contact the helpdesk -