GXP2135 Attended Transfer, Bluetooth and used devices


I have a few questions regarding GXP2135.
We are using 4 GXP 2135 in our office.
Question 1:
One employee has a bluetooth headset. When he redirects a caller (attended transfer) the button is hidden behind a menu button. All other employees have “blind transfer” and “attended transfer” as buttons, but the employee with BT has a bluetooth button and the “blind transfer button”. The attended transfer button is hidden in a submenu. Is there a way to remove the blind transfer button? We don’t use blind transfer
Got it, enabled custom Layout for the menu and removed blind transfer

Regarding to the attended transfer:

Question 2: The Buttons on the right side are connect with shortcuts to call other employees (dialing “65” which is the internal number of employee 2). When using the “attended transfer”, we also use these shortcuts to transfer the call. But when using the “attended transfer” button the titles of the four buttons hide, so the employee cannot see which button is connected to which employee.

Question 3:
How can a employee see, whether an other employee is calling? Every employee has 3 phone numbers.
Scenario: Employee 1 has the lines with number xx11, xx12 and xx13 and is calling on number xx11.
Employee 2 has the lines with number xx21, xx22 and xx23 and wants to call Employee 1. How can he see, that Employee 1 is calling? They don’t have the same phone numbers, is there a way to see, that device 1 is currently calling?

Question 4:
Is there a easy way of redirecting a call? Scenario: Employee 2 is only working from 8 to 12, every call should be automatically redirected to employee 1 after employee 2 stopped working. Is there a way to enable/disable the redirect by configuring a soft key?

Thank you very much