GXP2135 & 2160 Not Provisioning


We just received several new phones and we are unable to get them to auto-provision via option 66 or if we manually set the provisioning server. Some phones will make a request to the TFTP server:

Jul 12 11:41:11 asteriskha1 in.tftpd[5189]: RRQ from X.X.X.198 filename language.txt
Jul 12 11:41:11 asteriskha1 in.tftpd[5189]: sending NAK (1, File not found) to X.X.X.198

However they do not request their XML configs or any firmware downloads. The phones are on
Both the Asterisk service and config server are remote.


What is the value of your Option 66? Also, what PBX are you using?


Found what I believe to be the issue. It does not like a hostname and expects and IP address. Not sure why this is. Replacing the Server Paths with IPs allows the phones to get their configuration. Any idea why it will not take a hostname? DNS is being handed out by DHCP and it is correct.


Like I said, it depends on the Asterisk-based PBX you are using.

Maybe the provisioning server listens to the IP but not the hostname? Kinda like Apache can work without a server name.


TFTP is bound to all IP addresses and is not reliant on a hostname.