GXP2130 Unable to map soft key AttTrnf



Hallo everyone,
I am not very familiar with IP telephony, but my company uses gxp2130 and I support however i can.
I am unable to map the attended transfer soft key in the transfer screen.
I go through General Settings -> Programmable keys -> Softkey Settings and there under Custom Call Screen Softkey Layout and there I select the AttTrnf button to be visible on the screen. However there is nothing there but blank space. I tried the menu button toggle - menu, forced the position of the layout etc nothing,
Upgraded firmware from -> to no avail.
I have seen in some of the phones with the older firmware above the AttTrnf button mapped in the Transfer Screen.

Is there a known bug about this? Any help appreciated thanx.


It will only show during a call.


Yes ofc. During a call there is nothing being displayed. I can see BlindTrnf , Cancel, BackSpace, etc whatever I map ecxept the AttTrnf button.