GXP2130 phones - NO LAN CABLE


I have two GXP 2130 phones and one GXP 2140.

Both of my GXP 2130 phones are showing NO LAN CABLE. Since they’re powered by POE, provided by the LAN, there is most definitely a LAN cable.

I cannot access them via the network.

Any suggestions? It’s very odd I had both of the 2130s act up this way out of the blue.




try factory reset


It is unusual, but LAN cables can develop internal problems. There are 8 wires, 4 are used for data and only 2 are used for POE (I think I am remembering). If one of the 4 data wires develops a disconnect then no data will flow.

Try swapping with a LAN cable that you know is working for another POE device.

It is also possible for your LAN Switch to disable the port, and then no data flows.



No luck with the factory reset.


I’ll start down this route.

I have a managed switch (Cisco SG200-50P), and it’s not showing anything wrong there. The switch “seems” healthy. No other networking problems in the house. I did reboot the switch earlier with no luck.

Two identical phones at different places in the house… same model… so odd.


I have seen cases where we had to reset 3 times. Can you do DHCP reservation based on MAC? And If you manage to get IPs, try firmware upgrade.


It’s a faulty wall socket. Replace the cat 5/6 jack.


Connect the stations directly to the switch with good Ethernet cables, in POE Giga it is mandatory to have the 8 wires in continuity, and the cable and connections must be perfect.


It is likely that the mac table of the network switch is full and needs rebooting to clear the fault. It also seems possible that the ports are faulty for network traffic (software or hardware issue) but is providing power to the POE segment of the network cable to the telephones.

Try moving the handsets to a plain vanilla network switch direct to the pbx and see if the issue dissapears.


I was away yesterday, but had a chance to revisit tonight and do a step-by-step trace on one of the phones.

  1. Verified the phone is fine.
  2. Verified the ethernet cable is fine.
  3. Verified the jack is fine.
  4. Confirmed the problem is the port on the Cisco switch. First time I’ve seen this happen.

I’m going to check the other phone too and confirm the problem in both, then see if it’s a hardware failure or a software one. I noticed when I disconnected the cable, the port on the switch has both POE and networking lights solidly lit.

Update: Confirmed the problem is with both ports (side by side). Switched POE ports for now.

Thank you all for your suggestions. It was very much appreciated. Now onto my next problem. :disappointed:


Something like this is always handy - I use them and they arent too bad as a rough tester.


Yup, I have a couple of those. They’re very handy.


I am glad that you got the problem identified. I had a similar situation with a Cisco Switch. There was one problem telephone that was 2 hops away from the Cisco Switch, so unfortunately it took down a whole department. I never did identify the exact problem, and the problem phone went back to working normally.

My guess was that the problem phone tripped some security trap in the Cisco Switch and that disabled the port. By the time I got the problem phone identified I had disabled 5 ports. Some office politics skirmishes prevented me from getting into the Cisco Switch. My research indicated that doing a shutdown and startup on the Cisco Switch port would restore the port.