Gxp2100 vpn setting


Ok, i need some clarification. The 2100s have a VPN setting under nat traversal. Does that mean we can use them on a VPN and if we can how to configure them? It can’t be the same as Openvpn since these phones don’t have that ability.

So any info would be greatly appreciated.


These settings are used to tell the phone what the environment in which it resides is like and then uses the information to formulate its SIP messaging.

No NAT is when the phone is connecting to a PBX directly in the same LAN and has no need for external communication.
STUN is for use when the phone is remote and connecting to a PBX behind a firewall at a different location.
Keep-alive is meant to be used at a remote location where you may not have control of the remote firewall and need the keep-alives to maintain open ports in same so that responses from the PBX can get through.

The others do similar things to help the phone know where it is and how to communicate as a result.

Yes, you can certainly use the phone in a VPN environment such as an IPsec site-to-site VPN.