GXP2100 resolve missed calls via LDAP


is it possible to resolve missed calls via LDAP?
Incoming and outgoing calls are already displayed correctly.
Phone GXP2100, Version
Thanks for help!


Can you provide a little more detail about what you seek? Provide an example of what you desire?


I think older phones do not have this.
New phones have marking in ldap for this (at least for incoming/outgoing).


I configured the internal ldap service on askozia pbx (version 5.4.2).
On the GXP2100 LDAP lookup for incoming and outgoing calls are marked on. The LDAP configuration for the phones is fully given by Askozia:
After another tests I have to correct my previous post:

  • incoming calls: the name is resolved
  • Missed calls are displayed with the name
  • outgoing calls: only the number is displayed
  • ldap search by the phone: I can see all details of the contact. But I can’t dial a specific number. After a click to dial the first number (on askozia work phone) is called

Another question:
is it possible after pressing the extra button “contact” to go to the ldap search and not to the local phone book or local groups?


I found a configuration under phonebook - phonebook management - phonebook function key
I set this configuration from default to ldap search


So everything is ok or not ? :slight_smile: