GXP2040 ringing problem


Hello, I have one problem. SIP account is configured and everything is fine exept this :slight_smile:

Incoming call ringing, after 10s ringing stop ( on other side is still ring tone) and after 2-3s again ringing same number and again and again …

And Result : after one missed incoming call I have 6 missed calls from same number.



FW in phone ?
Also it look like PBX problem not phone.


Latest FW and I also try GXP1450 same problem. We use cloud services (Cloudtalk).



Contact provider, it must be setting in PBX for me.
There is no such function in phone and call is controlled by cloud.


It could also be a phone issue in that the provider is not seeing a response to the INVITE (180/183) and then initiates a new round of INVITEs.

Had this happen with two providers where they send INVITE, phone rings, provider sends a total of 3 with same call sequence and then waits a few seconds (2-4) for response and then sends another round with new call seq. Sent a total of 13 rounds.