GXP1760W will not ring


One of our phones stoped ringing. May be an account issue. Volume is up, calls can be made, all extensions can be seen, account is in the ring group, I have also compaired the account and all settings to an operational account and can find nothing wrong. I’m sure I’m missing something simple but I’m at a lose. Any suggesstions? Thanks in advance.


Is the extension in DND mode of operation ?

If you call the extension internally does the handset ring or flash to say a call is ringing the phone or does the call go direct to voicemail?


Thanks for the suggestion. I did check DND and it is not. I did notice something I should have seen before. When I went to try and ring the extention it shows that extntion as busy (Red LED by extention).


DND can be set at either the PBX and/or the phone. Check the PBX extension settings and if nothing, you can either factory reset and reprovision the phone or check the phone itself. Look at presence settings.

Sometimes DND will be set accidentally by users hitting the right key combination and if enable call settings is on, this will trigger the DND at the phone itself.

When the phone is set to DND, it will return a 486 Busy when in DND. It at the PBX, it will never send to the phone. A packet capture would show more.


Thanks for the replys and suggestions. after looking at everything I decided to delete the account and start over and that worked. I think it may have been an inadvertant disable by the user so as the computer guys say reformat and reload. Thanks again.