I own a GXP1630 phone that I use for a lot of conference calls. I use the speaker phone for these calls.

People on the conference call always complain that my voice is very feeble when I’m on the speaker phone. I want to know if there is any setting that’ll help improve the microphone gain (when in speaker phone mode) OR is this a bug in the phone?

Thanks for your help!


an IP phone is not an audio conferencing system, check the DB gains in the settings and that everything is set up regularly.
If your microphone / speaker hums or emits noises may be defective, please try to check if it is under Warranty.
test also if the audio with the handset is heard well and with the speaker it is heard differently.
There are audio conferencing systems that are used to do what you ask.


first, maybe speak louder? just kidding, its definitely their hearing aids

the microphone is on the bottom of the phone, if its sitting on a cloth material you might be blocking it, if you tilt the phone a little and speak into the mic does it still sound muffled/distant?

upgrade firmware would be the next step, if talking directly into the mic didnt help.

reaching here but, the speaker volume is independent of the handset volume, is the speaker volume all the way up?